Do you have a child starting school in September 2019? Come and visit our school. At Mistley Norman, we are so proud of our school that every day is an open day! Contact the school office to book your visit and meet with the Headteacher.
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The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust

The ultimate accountability for Mistley Norman Church of England Primary School and Nursery lies with the Board of the Trust.  Through the scheme of delegation most of the responsibilities are delegated to a Local Hub Board appointed by the Trust.

Click here for details of the Vine Schools Trust Board

Mistley Norman is working in a close collaboration with St Osyth Church of England Primary School. From September 2018,  the local governance for these two academies is delegated by the Vine Trust to the Local Hub Board



The Board acts as a committee of the Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust Board of trustees/directors.  Currently this is made up of:


Mrs Claire Epsom(Chair)

Mrs Carole Adams (Vice Chair)

Mrs Belinda Gouge

Mrs Diane Reed

Mr Karl Fisher 

Rev Sharon Miles

Rev Dom Turner

Mrs Alison Hendry

Mr Nick Kricka

Mrs Karen Jones

Mr Mark Carter-Tufnell

Mrs Beverley Kekwick (Clerk) 


Register of Attendance MN LGB 2016-17

Governors Declaration of Business Interests 2017-18

Old Declaration of Business Interests 2016-17

Staff Declaration of Business Interests 2017-18