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Ofsted and Performance Data



Mistley Norman Church of England Primary School converted to an academy on 1st February 2015. We were inspected by Ofsted on 24th and 25th  January 2018 and our status is now Grade 3 – Requires Improvement with our Early Years Provision status as Grade 2 – Good. Please see a copy of the Ofsted report attached below. 



We are extremely proud of our pupils and of the school as a whole.  Receiving feedback from parents and carers is invaluable in helping us to move forward and develop our school. It is a joy for us to receive the many positive comments in this way, helping us to celebrate what makes the school such a special place.  Equally welcome is constructive feedback, helping us in our continual process of self improvement.

OFSTED currently uses their Parent View website to keep up to date with how a school's parents and carers feel about the standard of education that their children receive.

We would really appreciate it if parents and carers could log into the Parent View website, to share their thoughts on our school community.



Results of testing at the end of KS1 and KS2 are confidential, and information is only shared with staff, parents and pupils. Raw scores are relayed to the LA and The Vine Schools Trust to compare standards, and to set future targets.


Schools with less than 10 pupils at the end of KS2 are not required to publish their results. As a school with small year cohorts we do not publish our KS2 data, as it is often quite transparent who the results relate to.  Cohort class sizes of less than 30 pupils do not present accurate averages of pupil achievement; this is easy to understand when one pupil might be worth between 15-20% of our whole cohort. 


The school regularly monitors the progress of all children within the school through continual assessment.  These processes enable staff to identify any additional support which may be required for the children to achieve their full potential.


Covering letter to Parents and Ofsted Report 
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